22 December 2007

two is kai (revisited)

kai = two (number) (adjective, noun) (some things Google found for "kai"; a very common term; a first name which can be masculine or feminine; name of various fictional characters primarily in gaming and anime; a last name; means "port, pier, dock" in Basque; means "wharf or dock" in German, Estonian, and Norwegian; means "probably" in Finnish; means "sea" in Japanese (transliterated) and Hawaiian; means "when, as, than" in Lithuanian; means "feed, food, at, eat, meal" in Maori; means "seed" in American Indian language Pima; means "chicken" in Thai (transliterated); name of cities in Pakistan, Japan, Benin, and Burma)

Word derivation for "two" (number):
Basque = bi, Finnish = kaksi
Miresua = kai

My previous Miresua word for "two" was "sai". As there are two "k"s in the Finnish word for "two", I thought that I should use the "k" for my consonant in Miresua, instead of the "s".

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "two" is now "baki".

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