22 May 2008

war is gorta

gortagorta = war (noun) (some things Google found for "gorta": an uncommon term; Gorta is an Irish charity in the fight to stop hunger; An Gorta Mór is the Irish Gaelic name for the Great Irish Famine or The Great Hunger; a last name; user name; name of a Doperian Star Trek TNG character; means "famine" in Gaelic; means "boast, brag, bravado" in Icelandic)

Word derivation for "war" :
Basque = gerra, Finnish = sota
Miresua = gorta

The Basque word for "war" is similar to the Spanish word for "war" which is "guerra". I think it sort of fitting that my created Miresua word for "war" means "famine" in a real language, and "bravado" in another.


Colm said...

Nice project you have here. I like the feel of Miresua, especially phrases like "TYNSA IREBÄ". I myself am working on an Irish-Estonian conlang at present.

I don't have much online about it but I occasionally discuss it on one or more of my blogs:


Mariska said...

Thanks! Good luck with your conlang.