22 June 2008

emerald is adirasme

adirasme = emerald (noun) (gemstone) (some things Google found for "adirasme": a nearly unique term; appears on a Spanish language page, but it is almost certainly a misspelling or a fractured text of something else; similar word "adiras" means "you adhere" in Portuguese)

Word derivation for "emerald" :
Basque = esmeralda, Finnish = smaragdi
Miresua = adirasme

The Basque word for emerald has nine letters, the Finnish word has eight letters. These words apparently share a common root, given their similarity and that they have six letters in common. In making my Miresua word I shuffled the letters, deliberately reversing the placement of letters.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "emerald" is now "esamardi".

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