04 April 2009

summer is seda (revisited)

seda = summer (noun and adjective) (season) (some things Google found for "seda": a very common term; SEDA is an acronym for Staged Event-Driven Architecture which is an Internet server architecture; a last name; Seda France Candles; a feminine first name; means "sedates or soothes" in Italian; means "voice" in Kurdish; means "silk" in Portuguese and Spanish; means "sound, voice" in Turkish; name of cities in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Congo, Lithuania, and Mozambique)

Word derivation for "summer" :
Basque = uda, Finnish = kesä
Miresua = seda

My previous Miresua word for "summer" was "seu". As neither the Basque or the Finnish word had a vowel combination, I decided to change this word.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "summer" is now "keda".

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