06 May 2009

evening is irtas (revisited)

irtasirtas = evening (noun) (some things Google found for "irtas": an uncommon term; name of a city in Hungary; Irtas is a village outside Bethelhem; IRTAs are immunoglobulin like receptors in B cells; IRTAS is an acronym for Infrared Target Simulator; IRTAS is an acronym for Information Risk and Trusted Advisory Services; At NIH (National Institutes of Health) IRTAs stands for Intramural Research Training Awards)

Word derivation for "evening" :
Basque = arrats, Finnish = ilta
Miresua = irtas

My previous Miresua word for "evening" was "aitsa". I changed this word to have a consonant combination, like the Basque and Finnish words, instead of a vowel combination.

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