06 June 2009

sping is verat (revisited)

veratverat = spring (season) (noun and adjective) (some things Google found for "verat": an uncommon term; VeratNet is a Serbian telecommunications company; a last name; homeopathic remedy Veratrum Album is shortened to verat.; means "mackerel" in Catalan; means "truth" in Volapük; Le Verat is the name of a city in Belgium)

Word derivation for "spring" :
Basque = udaberri, Finnish = kevät
Miresua = verat

My previous Miresua word for spring was berdät. After some thought, I decided to change, and simplify, the word.

The Basque word for spring, udaberri, literally means summer + new.

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illunse said...

Verat is a fitting word. Ver translates to spring in Latin.