26 September 2009

owl is holtö

holtöholtö = owl (bird) (noun) (Some things Google found for "holto": an uncommon term; Holto is a last name which can be Norwegian; user names; means "wood" in Old Dutch; means "where" in Pulaar which is a language of Mauritania in Northwest Africa; Holto (also known as Holt) is the name of a city in northeast China)

Word derivation for "owl" :
Basque = hontza, Finnish = pöllö
Miresua = holtö

I noticed that the Basque word for owl (hontza) is very similar to my Miresua word for falcon (hatza). I may have to revisit my word for falcon. Also the Finnish word for owl (pöllö) is nearly the same as the Spanish word for chicken (pollo).

No word graphic, at least for now. The graphics package I use had a problem with the ö (o umlaut) in my Miresua word.

Added my own graphic for holtö.

The graphic package has been fixed, new and improved graphic added.

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