10 October 2009

chicken is onoilaka

onoilaka = chicken (bird) (noun) (Some things Google found for "onoilaka": an unique term; did not match any documents, search did not find any results)

Word derivation for "chicken" :
Basque = oilasko, Finnish = kananpoika
Miresua = onoilaka

For my Miresua word for chicken I merely scrambled the letters from the Basque and the Finnish words. This simplified things for me. Both the Basque and the Finnish words seem to be begin with their word for hen, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of their endings.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. I found that kana was a better Finnish word for chicken, the bird. The word for chicken is now oikano.


Uma vida com propósito said...

Terve! Egun on! Atzerriko hizkuntzak gustatzen zait! Puhun vähän suomea ja pidän suomen kielestä todella paljon! Congratulations for your conlang! Where can I find a complete course? I am also a conlanger, and mine is called Yuelami. marloncori @ hotmail . com , marlonkodaka . blogspot . com

Mariska said...


I'm only learning Basque and Finnish so I had to manually translate your words.

There is no course in Miresua quite yet. Although you can read some comments on Miresua at Tynsa irebä :: Channeling the green girl
( http://miresua.wordpress.com )