06 November 2009

gold is kure (revisited)

kurekure = gold (metal) (some things Google found for "kure": an common term; a last name; user names; KURE is a student FM radio station in Ames, Iowa; Kure (pronounced koo-Re) is a seaport city in Hiroshima prefecture in Japan; Kure Atoll in the remote northwestern Hawaiian Islands; Kure Beach (pronounced cure-ee) is a town in North Carolina; Küre is a town and district in the Black Sea region of Turkey; means "curate" in Breton; means "blind" in Kurdish (transliterated); the name of multiple cities in Nigeria and Ethiopia)

Word derivation for "gold" :
Basque = urre, Finnish = kulta
Miresua = kure

My previous Miresua word for "gold" was "urla", before that it was "ulre". Neither word seemed quite right. It was as if I was trying too hard to start the word with "u".

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