02 December 2009

linen is pelari (revisited)

pelaripelari = linen (noun) (some things Google found for "pelari": an uncommon term; an unusual last name; Pelari Hair is a hairdresser in Walsall in the UK; maybe a first name; means "runner, sprinter" in Indonesian; means "runner" in Malay; name of a city in Afghanistan)

Word derivation for "linen" (flax):
Basque = hari, Finnish = pellava
Miresua = pelari

My previous Miresua conlang word for "linen" was "avari". There was nothing wrong with that word. But as I changed my word for wool to avile, I thought that I'd better change this word for linen so it wouldn't be so similar to word for wool.


Allu said...

I think in Finnish pelari could also be a slang term for player :)

Mariska said...

I hope it isn't a rude slang term.
Thanks for mentioning that.

Allu said...

No I don't think it's rude :)

Allu said...

No, don't worry :)