06 December 2009

magpie is mahka (revisited)

mahkamahka = magpie (bird) (noun) (some things Google found for "mahka": an uncommon term; a first name, notably Japanese professional magician Mahka Tendo; an unusual last name; user names; Ak Mahka is a Arabic dance music artist; similarly named Makha Bucha (also known as Magha Puja) is a Buddhist religious festival in Thailand that usually falls in February)

Word derivation for "magpie" :
Basque = mika, Finnish = harakka
Miresua = mahka

My previous word for "magpie" -- the long-tailed, black and white bird -- was "maka". A good word, but a little too close to the Basque word. I decided to add the "h" from the Finnish word. The consonant combination of "hk" occurs in Finnish.

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