30 July 2010

urine is txirva

txirvatxirva = urine (noun) (some things Google found for "txivra": a very rare term; appears as bad OCR of other words in old scanned books and documents; possibly a word on an Asian forum)

Word derivation for "urine" :
Basque = txiza (urine, pee), Finnish = virtsa
Miresua = txirva

Hey, it's a liquid and a common one too. There are two other words for urine in Basque - pixa (or pix) which may be more common, and gernu which apparently is the proper medical term for urine. I used txiza because it was the more ususual word. I wanted to create a word with minimal usage around the world. I'd rather not define someone's name or their town's name as urine.

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