30 December 2010

festival is jala

jalajala = festival (noun) (some things Google found for "jala": a very common term; an uncommon last name; JALA is an acronym for Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation; Jala Bars all natural probiotic frozen yogurt bars; Beit Jala (means "grass carpet" in Aramaic) is an Arab Christian town in the West Bank; Jala Neti nasal irrigation; JALA International does telework and telecommuting; Roti Jala (net bread) is a Malaysian dish; means "on foot" in Estonian; means "net" in Malay; in Spanish conjugations of the verb "to pull"; the name of cities in India, Nigeria, Mexico, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sierra Leone)

Word derivation for "festival" (celebration) :
Basque = jai, Finnish = juhla
Miresua = jala

I made this word word similar to the English word "gala".

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