18 February 2011

leg is särka

särka = leg (noun) (some things Google found for sarka and särka: a very common term; a feminine first name that can be Czech; Šárka is a mythical warrior-maiden of Bohemia and a related opera; an uncommon last name; in Finnish similar word sarka means frieze, strip of a field; in Finnish similar word särkkä means bank, shoal; Särka is the name a city in Germany; Sarka is the name of a city in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan; Sarka is the name of towns in Nigeria, Niger, India and Russia)

Word derivation for "leg" (anatomy):
Basque = hanka, Finnish = sääri
Miresua = särka

I considered making this word sänka instead, but that made me think of coffee (Sanka is a brand of instant decaffeinated coffee).

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for leg is now sänki.

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Dan said...

Sarkar is a common Hindi word for "government", so once again your word feels apt in that context as well, as a strong pillar that works to carry the body. The difference is in literal meaning, sarkar coming from sar ("head", although it seems this is usu. considered separate from caesar, kaiser, and tsar) and kar ("working"/"doing").

Also, it reminds me of circa (Lat. "around") and the act of walking around the sacred fire 7 times in Hindu culture to cement personal bonds.