14 April 2011

are (we are) is elage (revisited)

elageelage = are (verb "to be/to stay" - present tense - we are - 1st person plural) (some things Google found for "elage": an uncommon term; an ususual masculine first name that can be from Senegal, Elage Mbaye and Élage Diouf are Afro-Beat musicians; a rare last name; Rio Èlage is a stream in Guinea-Bissau)

Word derivation for "are (we are)(to be/to stay)":
Basque = gaude, Finnish = olemme
Miresua = elage

My previous Miresua conlang word for "are (we are)(to be/to stay)" was aldome. In the new word I deliberately use the g from the Basque word because "we" in Basque is "gu" and this Basque verb conjugation begins with g. I use the m from the Finnish word in the 1st person plural conjugations of the other verb to be.

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