30 April 2011

to be (to exist) is ozal (revisited)

ozalozal = to be (verb "to be/to exist" - to be - infinitve) (some things Google found for "ozal": a very common term; similar Özal (or Ozal) is an uncommon last name, notably former Prime Minister and President of Turkey Turgut Özal; name of a character in Clash of the Titans (2010); an unusual first name; Özal Group is a Turkish conglomerate; means "ago, before" in Turkmen)

Word derivation for "to be/to exist":
Basque = izan, Finnish = olla
Miresua = ozal

This is the other verb to be, to be/to exist, the infinitive form. Similar to the Spanish verb ser. My previous Miresua word for "to be/to exist" was olna. I'm changing this word because the LN consonant combination was odd. Having a Z in the new word will remind me to treat this verb like the Basque verb izan.

That's enough verbs and verb conjugations for now. Next month, something different.

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