02 July 2011

cat is katsi (revisited)

katsi = cat (noun) (some things Google found for "katsi": an uncommon term; a feminine first name; KATSI is an IT services company; a rare last name; means man in Georgian (transliterated); means cat in Shona which is a language of Zimbabwe; name of a town in Costa Rica; Ghushto Katsi is the name of a city in Afghanistan)

Word derivation for "cat":
Basque = katu, Finnish = kissa
Miresua = katsi

My previous Miresua word for cat was kitsa. For my new word, I swapped the vowels around. I didn't like that similar Finnish word kitsas means stingy, niggardly. I think my cats would approve of this change.

Coming up, some more word revisions.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed back to the previous word, kitsa. I didn't like that "the cat", with the definite article suffix of -a, would become katsia, which is feminine name and six-letters long.

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