04 July 2011

fish is arkil (revisited)

arkilarkil = fish (noun) (some things Google found for "arkil": an uncommon term; an unusual masculine first name that comes from Old Norse; Arkil A/S is a Danish construction and engineering company, Arkil Ltd of Ireland is a subsidiary; an uncommon last name)

Word derivation for "fish"
Basque = arrain, Finnish = kala
Miresua = arkil

My previous Miresua word for fish was arkila. I'm making this change because of grammar involving the definite article. I decided to follow the Basque example for Miresua, and have suffixes for the definite article. (Finnish traditionally lacks a definite article). When singular, the suffix for the definite article will be -a. So "the fish" (one fish) becomes arkila, which makes this a really small change.

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