14 July 2011

tin is itanu (revisited)

itanuitanu = tin (metal) (noun) (some things Google found for "itanu"; an uncommon term; Itanu Toronto is a Jewish inclusion initiative for people with disabilities and their families; user names; ITANU Mobile Airbrush Tanning of North Carolina; Mirong’itanu means fifty in Kirundi which is a language of Burundi; mirongo itanu means fifty in Kinyarwanda which is a language of Rwanda)

Word derivation for "tin" (metal):
Basque = eztainu, Finnish = tina
Miresua = itanu

My previous Miresua word for tin was iltenu.

I'm changing this word because I'm using tina, instead of pelti, for the Finnish word. Pelti can mean tin in Finnish, but it also means sheet metal, tin plate. Tina can also means pewter, a tin alloy.

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