02 September 2011

laugh is baura

baurabaura = laugh (noun, verb) (some things Google found for "baura"; an uncommon term; an uncommon last name that can be Czech; Baura New York is a party and event planning company; Andrea Baura was a 14th century Augustinian monk who made prophecies; means bloom in Hindi (transliterated); means anchor in Swahili; name of cities in Bangladesh, India, East Timor, and Italy; place called El Baura in Colombia)

Word derivation for "laugh" :
Basque = barre, Finnish = nauru(noun),nauraa(verb)
Miresua = baura

The Finnish word nauraa is the verb to laugh. But the Basque word barre is the noun to laugh, which is used with the auxillary verb egin (to do, to make) to create verbal phrases. In Miresua, I'm thinking of following the Basque example, and not conjugating this verb.

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