30 October 2011

falcon is balka (revisited)

balkabalka = falcon (noun) (some things Google found for "balka": a common term; a last name notably Polish modern artist Miroslaw Balka; Kele Balka are plantain/banana chips from India; Balka: Three Stories (2010) is a short documentary about women struggling with drug use and HIV in Ukraine; Hotel Balka Strand in Denmark; means beam in Russian (transliterated); Tigrovaya Balka is a Nature Reserve in Tajikistan; name of places in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey)

Word derivation for "falcon" :
Basque = belatz, Finnish = haukka (falcon or hawk)
Miresua = balka

My previous Miresua conlang word for falcon was hatza. I decided to redo this word to start it with the less common letter B. Also I didn't like that word hatza was quite similar to the Basque word for owl, hontza.

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