22 October 2011

story is tupin (revisited)

tupintupin = story (noun) (some things Google found for "tupin: an uncommon term; an unusual last name; means pot in Basque; means "jug, jar" in Lyonnais; name of a town in Peru; Tupin (aka Tupin-et-Semons) is a town in France; Tupin Batee is a town in Indonesia)

Word derivation for "story" :
Basque = ipuin, Finnish = tarina
Miresua = tupin

The Basque word istoria also means story, tale.

My previous word for story was tuina. That word made me think of tuna, as in a tuna fish sandwich. I think I'd rather have a word that means pot in Basque, and is somewhat similar to tuppence, which is two pence in British coinage. I also wanted to use the P from the Basque word.

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