18 October 2011

word is siha (revisited)

sihasiha = word (noun) (some things Google found for "siha: a common term; SIHA is an acronym for Sport International Hockey Academy; SIHA Nexed Arena Roller Skating Rink in Colorado Springs; SIHA is an acronym for (Swiss or Swedish) Ice Hockey Association; user names; MBT Siha Sandals; Siha Shakthi is a Sri Lankan band; a Bantu language of Tanzania; Siha (or Sihah) is the name of city in Syria; name of a city in the Philippines)

Word derivation for "word" :
Basque = hitz, Finnish = sana
Miresua = siha

My previous Miresua word for word was hina. Nothing wrong with that word, but the letter N seems overused in related words. I want to use various consonants. The letter N appears in my words for story and poem.

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