02 November 2011

cat is kitsa (reinstated)

kitsakitsa = cat (animal) (noun) (some things Google found for "kitsa": an uncommon term; user names; an unusual feminine first name that can be Greek; a rare last name; name of several cats (which was an odd result but a good sign for my word definition); KITSA is the Kangan Batman TAFE Student Association in Australia; gaming character name; in Finnish similar word kitsas means stingy; in Basque similar word kitzika means excitement, stimulation; name of places in Russia and Estonia)

Word derivation for "cat":
Basque = katu, Finnish = kissa
Miresua = kitsa

OK, I changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that. My Miresua conlang word for cat was kitsa, then a few months ago I changed it to katsi. Now I'm changing it back to kitsa. Nevermind that a similar Finnish word to kitsa means stingy. I didn't like that "the cat", with the definite article suffix of -a, would become katsia, which is feminine name and six-letters long. With the new word, "the cat" is also kitsa.

I hope my cat, Felix, who is all black, approves. He's currently sleeping in his cat cave.


Dedalvs said...

I love your word! I also have an all black cat, and I've been known to refer to cats as "catsa". This one's close. :) Just love reading the words you come up with.

Mariska said...

Thanks! Glad you like my Miresua word for cat. Especially as you also have an all black cat :)

Jennifer said...

Hey, my cat's name is Kitsa! I named her after the cat in the book "The Return of the Indian", the sequel to "The Indian in the Cupboard". I read it as a kid about 20 years ago and always thought it was cool.

Mariska said...

That's awesome that you have a cat named Kitsa, Jennifer. I didn't know there was a children's book featuring a cat with that name.

I thought that my Miresua word for cat, kitsa, was merely a mix of the Basque and the Finnish words for cat!