14 November 2011

clean is gurda (revisited)

gurdagurda = clean (adjective) (some things Google found for "gurda": an uncommon term; an uncommon last name; Gurda Tango Boutique Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Gurda Wildmane and Gurda Ragescar are humanoid NPCs in World of Warcraft; similar Gurdas is a Punjabi name; in Hindi (transliterated) gurda means kidney, as in Indian food recipes; the name of places in India, Pakistan and Nigeria)

Word derivation for "clean" :
Basque = garbi, Finnish = puhdas
Miresua = gurda

My previous Miresua word for clean was gardas. The new word, gurda, is the adjective clean, but it'll also be the stem for the verb to clean. For Miresua, I'm trying to follow the example of Basque grammar for verbs, and hence giving myself a headache. In Basque, to clean is a non-finite secondary verb.

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