06 November 2011

to come is tolur

tolurtolur = to come (verb) (some things Google found for "tolur": an uncommon term; name of a place in India near Chennai; user names; Rail Tolur S.R.O. are estate agents in Czech Republic; name of several gaming characters; a rare last name; similar word tölur means "figures, numerals" in Icelandic)

Word derivation for "to come" :
Basque = etorri, Finnish = tulla
Miresua = tolur

This is a verb, and I need more verbs. My Miresua verb ends in a consonant, even though the Basque word and Finnish word both end in a vowel, because I didn't want to make this a four-letter word or a three-syllable word.

The Basque verb to go, etorri, is one of the few Basque verbs that is fully conjugated in several tenses. This isn't one of those Basque verbs formed with an auxillary verb.

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