06 December 2011

deer is orevi

oreviorevi = deer (noun) (some things Google found for "orevi": an uncommon term; an unusual last name that apparently can be Swedish and can be Israeli; means walnuts in Macedonian)

Word derivation for "deer" :
Basque = orein, Finnish = hirvi
Miresua = orevi

I'm going to use this a generic Miresua word for deer. The Finnish word, hirvi, can mean deer but also means moose and elk. The term for a red deer is saksanhirvi (literally German + moose/elk). A Finnish scientific term for all animals in the family Cervidae (deer) is hirvieläin.

In Europe they have the roe deer and red deer. Here in America we have the white-tailed deer. Next up, the word for another species of deer you'd likely find in northern Finland.

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