20 December 2011

silent is äsilön

äsilönäsilön = silent (adjective) (some things Google found for "asilon": an uncommon term: user names; a place in the game Planet Dark Ages; name of several gaming characters; a rare last name; "Phantom Neged Shoddey Asilon" or "The Super Jet Pirates" is the romanized title of a story in 1960s Hebrew comic Bucky; probable misspelling of feminine first name Alison; similar word asilo means "shelter, refuge, asylum" in Spanish)

Word derivation for "silent" :
Basque = isil (silent, quiet),
Finnish = äänetön (silent, soundless) (sound (ääni) + less (-tön))
Miresua = äsilön

I think this is the first word in Miresua containing both the letters with umlauts. Definite Finnish influence.

Quiet and silent are similar English words. Silent means the absence of noise, not speaking, whereas quiet means relatively still, not making any noise, or there is a little noise but it was small and not bothersome.

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