14 January 2012

riverbank is jobaiterä

jobaiteräjobaiterä = riverbank (noun) (some things Google found for "jobaitera": an unique term; did not match any documents)

Word derivation for "riverbank" :
Basque = ibaiertz (river + edge)
Finnish = joentörmä (river + bluff or bank)
Miresua = jobaiterä (river (jobai) + bank?)

There are other Basque and Finnish words that I could've used to make this word. For example, erribera in Basque (which comes from Spanish ribera), and joenranta in Finnish. Other Finnish words for bank (of a river) include penkka and äyräs.

The word in the paragraph I'm trying to translate is actually bank, not riverbank. But I thought riverbank would be easier to do.

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