10 January 2012

sit is istera

isteraistera = sit (verb) (some things Google found for "istera": an uncommon term; a rare feminine first name that can be Romanian; ISTERA is an acronym for Izmir Science and Technology Education Research Association; ISTERA, s.r.o. of Czech Rebulic in pawn and leasing; S'Istera is a B&B in Sardinia; name of a World of Warcraft character; in Serbo-Croatian means drive out, drive away; means something in Greek when transliterated; another name for the place Demirkapi in Trabzon Province, Turkey)

Word derivation for "sit" :
Basque = eseri (to sit (down)) and eserita (sitting)
Finnish = istua (to sit)
Miresua = istera

In Miresua I'll define this verb like Finnish (and English) as sit, as opposed to sit down (action) like Basque. The verb won't be conjugated, but used in verbal phrases. I'm not totally sure of the grammar, but it will be similar to the verb in Basque.

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