14 February 2012

anything is mitzer, nothing is mitzer eiz

mitzermitzer = anything (pronoun) (some things Google found for "mitzer": an uncommon term; a uncommon last name; user names; Mitzer Ltd. is a woodturning business in West Yorkshire in the UK; similarly named Mizter antistatic straps for cars and trucks; a rare first name)

Word derivation for "anything" :
Basque = ezer (something, anything) or edozer (anything)
Finnish = mitään
Miresua = mitzer

Anything isn't the word in the paragragh I'm attempting to translate, but I need this word to construct the word I want. The word in the pargraph is nothing.

mitzer eizmitzer eiz = nothing (pronoun)

The opposite of, or negative of, anything is nothing. Both Basque and Finnish can agree on this. In Miresua the word eiz means no, not.

Word derivation for "nothing" :
Basque = ezer ez (anything + not)
Finnish = ei mitään (not + anything)
Miresua = mitzer eiz (anything + not)

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