29 February 2012

Miresua language recognition

For leap-day,  here's something different.  A list of some attributes which would help to identify Miresua text.

distinct letters: ä and ö, but never ü
unused letters: Cc, Ff, Qq, Ww
unused consonant combinations: sh, th
unusual letter sequences: tx, tz, zt, ts, hk, rv
words beginning with d are rare
words beginning with r are uncommon
words never end in m
y is a vowel, never a consonant
common vowel combinations: ai, au, ei, oi
common consonant combinations: sk, lk, lt, rk, rd, st, nt, ld
words don't begin with two consonants, except for tx   
very low degree of letter duplication, only rr appears

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