02 March 2012

bean is pabu

pabu = bean (noun) (some things Google found for "pabu": a common term; Pabu and Saint-Pabu are places in Brittany in northwestern France; in The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra animated series Pabu is a fire ferret that belongs to earthbender Bolin; an unusual first name; a rare last name; Pabu is a soon to open Japanese restaurant in Baltimore; in Japanese (transliterated) pubu means pub; in Korean (transliterated) pabu (or pabo) means fool, stupid; name of places in Burma)

Word derivation for "bean" :
Basque = baba (from Latin faba), Finnish = papu
Miresua = pabu

I'm taking a break from my translation attempts. Instead I'll do something easier for a while, so that I can build up a backlog of some words. I'll be defining Miresua words for some basic, dry food items.

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