26 March 2012

wheat is venga

venga = wheat (noun) (some things Google found for "venga": a very common term; Kia Venga is a mini MPV automobile; VENGA (VIRUS-P Exploration of Nearby Galaxies) is an extragalactic IFU survey; VENGA Functional Infusions beverages; Venga Office Paging Communication Software; a foodie restaurant app for the Washington DC metro area; Venga Mexican Grill in Staten Island, NYC; Venga Venga Cantina & Tequila Bar in Snowmass, CO; an uncommon last name; user names; conjugations of the verb to come in Italian and Spanish; in Spain translates as "come on" and "take care"; Vengaboys are a Eurodance pop group; name of a place in the Solomon Islands)

Word derivation for "wheat" :
Basque = gari, Finnish = vehnä
Miresua = venga

I considered making this word verga, but that word can be vulgar in Spanish.

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