14 June 2012

barley is garo

garo = barley (noun) (some things Google found for "garo": a very common term; Garo (aka Golden Knight Garo) is a Japanese tokusatsu (superheros and giant monsters) TV show; Garo was a monthly manga anthology magazine in Japan; a tribal people and language in India and Bangladesh; a masculine first name that can be Armenian, notably NYC based fashion designer Garo Sparo; a race of enemy ninja fighters in game Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask; a last name; name of a Colorado ghost town near Fairplay; Garo Hills is an area in Meghalaya, India; name of places in Nigeria and Japan)

Word derivation for "barley" :
Basque = garagar, Finnish = ohra
Miresua = garo

I've had a busy week and didn't find time to mix up another interrogative word, so I'm pulling this word, barley, from my small reserve of available but not yet posted words.

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