18 June 2012

how is mino

mino = how (adverb, interrogative) (some things Google found for "mino": a very common term; a last name; Flip video Mino tapeless camcorders; an unusual usually masculine first name; Mino Salon in Los Angeles; a genus of myna birds; Amazon warriors of the former kingdom of Dahomey in west Africa; name of places, an old province, and former districts in Japan; name of places in Chile, New Zealand, South Korea, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines)

Word derivation for "how" :
Basque = nola, Finnish = miten
Miresua = mino

This is the word for how, in what manner, in what state. Not how many or how much.

There's another word for how in Finnish, kuinka. It appears to be a more formal term. It'll be used for making the word for how many.

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