02 June 2012

when is moin

moin = when (interrogative, adverb) (some things Google found for "moin": a very common term; a last name; a uncommon masculine first name that can be Muslim; Moin is an Iranian singer; MoinMoin is a wiki engine; a Frisian and Low German greeting meaning hello; Moin Hardware sells table slides; Moin is a serpent in Norse mythology; name of places in Costa Rica and Macedonia; Moin Kili is a place in Pakistan; Moin Searlas is a place in Donegal, Ireland)

Word derivation for "when" :
Basque = noiz, Finnish = milloin
Miresua = moin

Hey, it's a word that isn't for a food! Unlike my Miresua conlang posts for the past month or so.

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