08 June 2012

whence (where from) is nosti (revisited)

nosti = whence (where from) (interrogative, adverb) (some things Google found for "nosti": an uncommon term; a last name; means "raised, elevated" in Finnish; similar nostri means "us, our people" in Latin; in Russian (transliterated) "real'nosti" means reality)

Word derivation for "whence (from where)" :
Basque = nondik, Finnish = mistä
Miresua = nosti

My previous word for whence was nontä. This is another change for grammatical reasons.

The Basque word appears to be ablative case, and the Finnish word is elative case. Both are grammatical cases meaning motion from something. I don't think Basque has elative case.

Tentatively I'll make -sti the elative case (out of, from) ending in Miresua.

The Miresua word for whither (where to), norne, will remain unchanged, at least for now.

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