06 June 2012

where is nonäs (revisited)

nonäs = where (interrogative, adverb) (some things Google found for "nonas": an uncommon term; a misspelling of Nona's where Nona is a feminine first name; a unusual last name; in Latin accusative feminine plural of ninth)

Word derivation for "where (static)" :
Basque = non, Finnish = missä
Miresua = nonäs

My previous word for where was nosä, which unfortunately tended to make me think of nose. But I'm changing it mainly for grammatical reasons.

The Basque and the Finnish words are both in what's termed inessive case, a locative grammatical case with the basic meaning of "in". Usage is, for example: "in where" is the girl? As opposed to "to where" (whither) or "from where" (whence).

Guess this makes my inessive case suffix in Miresua -näs.

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