10 June 2012

who is kor

kor = who (pronoun, interrogative) (some things Google found for "kor": a very common term; KOR Water personal hydration products; a last name; name of a Klingon character in the Star Trek universe; in the Magic: the Gathering card game a fantasy race of humanoids; Kor Hotel Group; an ancient Hebrew and unit of capacity; a fictitious African lost city in H. Rider Haggard's classic novel She; means wax in Cornish; means choir in Danish; means age in Hungarian; means ember in Turkish; name of places in Nigeria, Chad, Iran, Laos, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Turkey)

Word derivation for "who" :
Basque = nor, Finnish = kuka
Miresua = kor

I'll define this word as who, see if it sticks. If I run into any grammar concerns later, I can always change it.

By the way, I added in the derivation for the previous word, whence. I simply forgot to put it in.

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