14 July 2012

bear is haru (revisited)

haru = bear (animal) (noun) (some things Google found for "haru": an very common term; a unisex Japanese first name; Haru Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in NYC and Boston; title of a 1996 Japanese movie and a 2001 South Korean movie; means spring (season) in Japanese (transliterated); means day in Korean (transliterated); name of a woreda (district) in Ethiopia; name of places in Japan, Finland, India, Ethiopia and Indonesia; Haru Harai is a place in northern Pakistan)

Word derivation for "bear" :
Basque = hartz, Finnish = karhu
Miresua = haru

My previous Miresua word for bear was zuhar. This was another older word. Both the Basque and the Finnish words for bear are 5 letters long. My conlang rules allow me words make my Miresua word 1 letter shorter. In Miresua, "the bear" will be harua.

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