22 July 2012

horse is zaven (revisited)

zaven = horse (animal) (noun) (some things Google found for "zaven": a common term; a unusual masculine first name that can be Armenian; Zaven The Alchemist is an NPC character in Diablo 3; a rare last name; Zaven's Wishes is a Louisiana non-profit sponsoring swimming lessons for children; similarly named Zavena is a place in northern Italy)

Word derivation for "horse" :
Basque = zaldi, Finnish = hevonen
Miresua = zaven

My previous Miresua word for horse was halden, which wasn't truly a bad word. My new word is a redo that starts with a Z, like the Basque word, and uses the V from the Finnish word. It's a Miresua word that wouldn't be allowed in either Basque or Finnish.

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