22 November 2012

potato is patuna

patuna = potato (noun) (some things Google found for "patuna": an uncommon term; Patuna Bushyhead is a female couture designer originally from the Republic of Georgia; Patuna Farm Adventures and Patuna Chasm near Martinborough in New Zealand; a rare last name; a rare feminine first name; Vadiga Patuna is a traditional Southern Sri Lanka dance; in Finnish an essive form of the noun patu which means "(colloquial) old hand"; Yapa Patuna is a former name of Jaffna, Sri Lanka)

Word derivation for "potato":
Basque = patata, Finnish = peruna
Miresua = patuna

This is a word for Thanksgiving. Our dinner included mashed potatoes.

I considered making this word perata, but that means to gut (a fish) in Finnish.

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