02 January 2013

day is eigä (revisited)

eigä = day (noun) (some things Google found for "eiga": an very common term; eiga means "movie, film" in Japanese (transliterated); EIGA is an acronym for the European Industrial Gases Association; E.I.G.A. is an acronym for the European Innovative Games Award; EIGA stands for the European Institute of Governance Awards Limited; EIGA Design of Germany; Eiga is an unusual first name; Eiga is a rare last name; eiga is forms of verb "to have, to own" in Faroese, Icelandic and Norwegian Nynorsk)

Word derivation for "day" :
Basque = egun, Finnish = päivä
Miresua = eigä

My previous Miresua word for day was uigä. This is a small change, which makes the word start with e, like the Basque word.

The word day is in paragraph two of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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