10 January 2013

ghost is aume (revisited)

aume = ghost (noun) (some things Google found for "aume": an uncommon term; AUME stands for Asociación Unificada de Militares Españoles (Unified Association of Spanish Military); a rare last name; a rare first name; user names; Aume Australia showcases womens and mens designer clothing; AUME is the code for Automotive / Transportation Technology courses at Mt. San Jacinto College in California; the Aume is a tributary river in south western France)

Word derivation for "ghost":
Basque = mamu, Finnish = aave
Miresua = aume

I redid this word, mostly for esthetic reasons. My previous Miresua conlang word for ghost was meva. I think aume is somehow more ghostly. Also, my new word doesn't end in A.


nissa_loves_cats said...

Hi Mariska!
I like the idea of a language that's derived from Basque and Finnish, and so have added you to my blogroll on my 'Amerysk' blog.

One of my cats really likes your name, by the way--- she's a Mariska, too.



Mariska said...

Glad you like my Basque / Finnish mashup conlang. It's nice to hear from another conlanger. And one with cats, too.