30 January 2013

letter is lerain (revisited)

lerain = letter (noun) (some things Google found for "lerain": an uncommon term; user names; name of a gaming character in Lineage 2; a rare first name; Lerain (or LeRain) is a rare last name; Lerain Court is a street in Statesville, North Carolina; Lerain SL is a real estate company in Valenicia, Spain)

Word derivation for "letter" (of the alphabet) :
Basque = letra, Finnish = kirjain
Miresua = lerain

My previous Miresua word word letter was lerja. That seemed a bit too similar to my word for book, lirju. In addition, the new word doesn't end in A.


Aaron said...

Just figured I'd drop in to tell you- I have this same word, save for one little accent mark-

"lērain" - "those from the west".

Thought it was a neat coincidence. :)

Keep doing awesome things on your blog!

Mariska said...

That's interesting, guess lerain deserves to be a word ;)

Thanks for reading my blog!