22 January 2013

wind is huzi (revisited)

huzi = wind (noun) (weather) (some things Google found for "huzi": an uncommon term; Huzi Design of Hong Kong sells handcrafted toys; user names; Huzi is a Shanghai-based female painter of stylized portraits; a rare last name; a very rare first name; in several Japanese romanizations Mount Fuji is transliterated as Mount Huzi; huzi or similar húzi means "beard, mustache" in Mandarin (transliterated); a city and an administrative ward in Tanzania; name of places in China)

Word derivation for "wind" :
Basque = haize, Finnish = tuuli
Miresua = zuati

I'm having another go at the word for wind. My previous word for wind was zuati, a somewhat odd scramble of letters. The new word is shorter than both the Basque and the Finnish words, but only by one letter, which is allowable.

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