02 March 2013

daisy is pitxä

pitxä = daisy (noun) (some things Google found for "pitxa": an uncommon to rare term; user names; La pitxa is a pizza place in Caracas, Venezuela; similar pitxer means jar, pitcher, jug in Basque; pitxa may mean vase or jug in Catalan)

Word derivation for "daisy" :
Basque = bitxilore (bitxi (jewel, pretty) + lore (flower))
Finnish = päivänkakkara (päivän (day's) + kakkara (chrysanthemum))

The Finnish word for daisy has thirteen letters, and the Basque word has nine letters!? Oh, my. I don't particularly want a word for daisy with a minimum of eight letters! This is my conlang, so I'm bending the rules.

Both the Basque and Finnish words are compound words. As the last part of both words means flower, or a type of flower, I'm going to simply ignore that part. I don't see how I could make a Miresua compound word. So, I only mixed the first parts of the words.

*Amended* word derivation for "daisy" :
Basque = bitxi, Finnish = päivän
Miresua = pitxä

I considered making this word pätxi, but changed my mind when I learned that Patxi is the Basque form of the masculine first name Francis or Francisco.

This is a word from paragraph two of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice was considering making a daisy-chain.

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