24 April 2013

morning is amiz (revisited)

amiz = morning (noun) (some things Google found for "amiz": an uncommon to common term; AMIZ Technologies is a software development and IT outsourcing company of India; AMIZ stands for Academia Militarizada Ignacio Zaragoza of Mexico; user names; AMIZ is an acronym for Association of Microfinance Institutions of Zambia; AMIZ is a musical band of India; Amiz aromatherapy ltd of Hong Kong; a rare to unusual first name; a rare last name; similar Amiza is a place in Nigeria)

Word derivation for "morning" :
Basque = goiz, Finnish = aamu
Miresua = amiz

My previous Miresua conlang word for morning was moga, which was a bit of a letter scramble. I'm revising it because I'd rather not end the word in A. I like that the new word for morning begins with AM.

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