04 May 2013

door is ave (revisited)

ave = door (noun) (some things Google found for "ave": a very common term; in English ave. is an abbreviation for avenue; the Ave Maria or Hail Mary is a traditional Catholic prayer; AVE is an acronym for Alta Velocidad Española a high-speed rail service in Spain; interjection or salutation meaning hail! in Latin and Italian; means grandfatherly in Esperanto; means bird in Galician, Interlingua, Portuguese and Spanish; name of a river and subregion in Portugal; name of a place in France)

Word derivation for "door" :
Basque = ate, Finnish = ovi
Miresua = ave

My previous Miresua word for door was eva. I reversed the letters in the word. This is a change to lessen the number of words ending in A. Another change because of my definite article suffix of -A.

By the way, the word door appears about thirty times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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